Monday, April 12, 2010

Amazing Sofa

Barcelona Couch by Ludwig Mies van der Rohe

Created by Ludwig Mies van der Rohe for the German Pavilion at the 1929 Barcelona Exposition, the Barcelona couch features the hand-buffed frame and hand-pieced leatherwork of traditional craftsmanship.

Revolutions Per Hour Sofa by Fabio Novembre

Bouroullec Pol Sofa by Ronan & ErwanFabio Novembre presents RPH - Revolutions Per Hour, a large sofa that can exist as a unit or in several separate parts. Its distinctive character comes from the ends that resemble two deign archetypes: the Cubetto armchair and Le Corbusiers chaise-longue. The formal play is developed in the upholstery: one has a seat in black and white fabric with red sides - like a Valentino 1950’s cocktail party dress; the second is in grey crinkled, felt fabric with a rock-like effect.

Polar Sofa by Pearson and Lloyd

Simple blocks that rise up directly from the floor, like an iceberg with shapes that are both dynamic and impressive, coming together to produce different combinations. This is the concept of Polar, an original and versatile system for creating decors that are always new. The seats and backs, with frame in wood and differentiated density foam filling, can be combined to create six sofa types, all with solid volumes and oblique cuts for a constantly changing and constantly moving space.

Moon System by Zaha Hadid

A continuous form which combines aesthetics and ergonomic features. Moon System expresses the happy meeting of attitude and experimentation typical of B&B Italia and Zaha Hadid, world famous architect, whose work has been exploring the complexity of curved geometry for several years. The concept of seating, in its most traditional sense, is radically undermined by the creation of an angular, highly dynamic form: a single shape which contains the back, the seating, and the armrests as if “sculpted” from a single block. Metallic as if it had just arrived from outer space, Moon System is best placed at the centre of a room from where its fluid, expressive curves can be admired from new viewpoints. The system is complete with footrest, whose shape perfectly integrates with the form of the sofa.

Pol is a sofa with a light chrome steel structure and a backrest and seat in expanded polyurethane, each consisting in a single padded element. Two simple armless elements, one practically fitted onto the other; an austere design which is softened exclusively by the hint of a curve at the ends. An object which reflects a contemporary lifestyle, and personalises permanent or temporary locations making them ultra-functional.

Voido glossy black by Ron Arad

We love the new version ”glossy black” of the famous Rocking chair Voido. Originally conceived in blow moulding, Voido was presented at the 2005 Furniture Fair in a “mould testing” phase under which it suffered greatly. Underestimated by Magis and Arad alike, the latter of whom jokingly wrote on the prototype, “This is not rotation moulding! First attempt in big scale blow moulding. Almost there!” But not a thing could be done to alleviate the technical suffering, as trial after trial made evident. So the Voidoblow moulding combination was given up in exchange for rotational moulding that features new and decidedly superior aesthetics. Now Voido is ready for the market. A sculpture by Ron Arad.

MT2 Sofa by Ron Arad

Innovation, experimentation of the materials and forms, Ron Arad does not stop to surprise us! One loves this new line of seats MT (of which the exact pronunciation in English is empty) to the hollow form put in value by a plastic two-tone polymere. Completely realized in polyethylene molded by rotation, this sofa is cut while adapting the theoretical trace to the real dimensions of the product, and that thanks to the technologies the most advanced. The collection MT understands equally a sofa and a superb rocking chair. They exist in 3 combinations of colors: white exterior orange interior, exterior red black interior, exterior blue blue green interior. Innovative and very astonishing, MT furnishes your interiors and your exterior with character!

Tokyo Pop by Tokujin Yoshioka

An innovating design for the inside as for the outside. Sofa, armchair, lounge chair: Tokyo Pop is a series of seats drawn by Tokujin Yoshioka, young creator and author of poetic structures for Issey Miyake. Innovators by their forms and the technology of their conception, these creations arise from a paper realized prototype, similar to a copy of the human body then made in rotomoulded polyethylene. This technique allows to create complex hollow forms and ends in results so magnificent.
Cone Chair by Verner Panton
Cone ChairVerner Panton, 1958Originally designed for a Danish restaurant, this cone-shaped chair is based on the classic geometric figure and is mounted on a stainless steel base in such a way that it pivots. Its semi-circular shell is long enough to form the back and arm supports, making it an exceeding comfortable place to sit. Material: laminate body, base in satin stainless steel, polyurethane foam upholstery.

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